Narzisse, © Anton Jagersberger

Our Nature Park Partners

Our Nature Park Partners are situated In the region with a sense of purpose and offer a varied range of regional products.

Nature Park specialities - partners and Nature Park partner businesses support and enhance the Nature Park and supply the public with their enjoyable products and offer which nature gives us.

  • Braubogen - local village shop
  • Hohenlehen Agricultural College (LFS Hohenlehen)- offers local distillates such as brandy and liqueurs
  • Hohenlehen Agricultural College (LFS Hohenlehen) Slaughterhouse - offers a range of meat and sausage products.
  • Anton Jagersberger - offers honey and other honey products 
  • Loden Landl - manufactures a wide range of Loden garments and traditional clothing
  • Floral Kreativ - Locla Florists
  • Bernhard Jagersberger - produces local fruit juices and Austrian pear cider (Most)
  • Thomas Löbersorg ( honey sold in the Braubogen shop)
  • Veronika and Georg Schnabler - Austrian pear cider (Most), home-distilled schnapps
  • The School Farm of Bettina and Josef Hinterramskogler