Entspannen und Kraft tanken, © Christine Baron


Lodge / hut


The Kitzhütte is located west of Hollenstein an der Ybbs on Königsberg at 1,266 m above sea level and is a popular destination for hikers and mountain bikers. At the hut, visitors are spoiled with an alpine snack. If required, a mattress camp is also available for overnight stays. Around the Kitzhütte, hiking enthusiasts have access to numerous continuing trails. Thus you can reach the Königsberg-Siebenhütten, the Nieder-Scheibenberg, the Schwölleckau, the Triftanlage Mendlingtal and the Steinbachtal in a manageable time.

The surrounding area of about 410 ha is owned by the Österreichische Bundesforste AG. 65 ha of it are pasture land and are managed by the Servitutsgemeinschaft Königsberg-West. Here interested people have the possibility of a guided tour of the alpine pasture, where you can get to know the life there and the work of the keeper. The romantic alpine landscape accompanied by the ringing of cow bells provides a pleasant frame for every hiking tour around the area of the Kitzhütte.

Opening hours: 25 May to 31 October

Tour tips:

    From hut to hut over the Königsberg, Königsbergrunde with Kitzhütte (hiking)
    Kitzhüttenalm tour, Sonnbrand Alm tour (MTB)


  • Overnight stays are possible
  • Terrace/guest garden
  • calm environment

Location and how to get there